Doula Services

A labor/birth doula is a non-medical support person with training and experience in childbirth. As your birth doula, my job is to assist you in clarifying your birth choices; provide informational resources on any questions you may have; support you & your partner (if applicable) emotionally and physically with non-judgmental compassion from pregnancy through immediate postpartum.

Labor and Birth Doula Basic Package $500 

*2 prenatal visits where we will discuss your birth plans, feelings/thoughts about labor, and various pain-coping techniques

*Around the clock contact from the time of hire until six weeks after the birth

*Access to lending library

*Continuous presence during labor/birth

*Photos with your camera (if wanted)

*1-2 hours of immediate postpartum support , including breastfeeding assistance(if wanted)

*Referrals to community services and resources

*Keepsake birth story

*2 postpartum visits to discuss thoughts/feelings about birth, ensure family comfort, receive feedback about services, and to deliver hand written birth story

*10% discount on any class offerings

*10% discount on postpartum packages

A new pair of socks post-birth can make all the difference!

A postpartum doula is a non-medical support person with training and experience in supporting the postpartum family. As your postpartum doula, my job is to help you make a plan to ease the transition into life with your new baby. This role is part physical ~ I perform some daily tasks to give you time to rest, recover and bond, and part emotional ~ I discuss your feelings about the birth, address any concerns and serve as a sounding board in those hectic early weeks. When applicable, I also assist your partner with support.

Postpartum Doula Basic Package $320

*1 prenatal visit to develop a relationship and make a care plan according to your needs/wishes.  I am happy to offer the same initial visit to clients whose babies have already been born.

*Two hour visits, twice a week, for four weeks to do:

*Emotional support

*Around the clock contact for time of hire

*Set up and maintenance of online meal planner (if wanted)

*Meal preparation

*Light housework


*Breastfeeding assistance and referral, if necessary

*Access to lending library

*Errand running

*10% discount on labor/birth doula services

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