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New ACOG Guidelines on VBAC

For those of you considering vaginal birth after cesearean (VBAC), the road has probably been rife with fighting.  Perhaps your doctor doesn’t think it is safe or perhaps your hospital doesn’t “allow” them.  Take heart, as the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has revised its’ earlier, more restrictive guidelines for more evidence-based ones.

While I can not pretend to agree with most of what ACOG says and does, I do appreciate that they are potentially taking a step towards opening some doors for women who desire a VBAC.  I hope that having these guidelines in hand will empower some women to have the VBAC they desire instead of feeling forced into a reapeat cesarean.

To read the press release on ACOG’s website, click here.

To read International Cesarean Awareness Network’s (ICAN) response, click here.


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